The Norfolk Mink Project

The Norfolk Mink Project is the means by which an association of bodies concerned with wildlife conservation in Norfolk organise the control of mink across the county.  The aim is to protect wildlife, especially water voles, from predation by the introduced American mink Neovison vison.  Mink detection and control is carried out by over 300 volunteers from throughout the county.

The lead partner is Norfolk County Council and the Council representative, together with representatives from other key supporting organisations and individuals, come together in a Steering Group to direct the work of the Project.  Funding comes from modest donations made by the supporting organisations, from grants and individual donations.  This allows the Project to appoint part time co-ordinators, each responsible for several river catchments, to support the volunteers.  The funding also allows us to purchase equipment to lend to the volunteers.

The Project started in 2003 on the River Wensum, expanded to cover the Broads and Nar in 2006 and in 2012 the remit of the project was expanded to cover the whole of Norfolk. We work closely with similar projects controlling mink throughout East Anglia.

Our co-ordinators work closely with Penny Hemphill of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust who co-ordinates the Little Ouse and the Waveney. Please see the Contact Us page for more information.

Steering Group members and key individuals

Chair Simon Baker Independent Wildlife Specialist
Lead Partner Joe Kenworthy Norfolk County Council
Members Caroline Laburn Water Management Alliance
  Chris Strachan Environment Agency
  Rebecca Banks Norfolk Wildlife Trust
  Penny Hemphill Suffolk Wildlife Trust
  Rick Southwood Natural England
  Tim Strudwick RSPB
  Matt Gooch Waveney, Yare & Lothingland IDB
    Broads Authority
Co-Ordinators Paul Gambling Catchments: Wensum, Nar, Wissey
  Rory Hart Catchments: Great Ouse, North Norfolk Rivers
  Stephen Mace Catchments: Bure, Yare, Thet, Lower Waveney