The Mink Raft

Mink rafts and cage traps are provided by the Norfolk Mink Project to our volunteers. However if you wish to build your own or live outside the county of Norfolk this guide will help you through a step by step process from start to finish.

Our mink rafts are based on the game conservancy trust mink rafts, but we try to use recycled plastic stokbord when possible instead of plywood. Plywood can be used but we recommend treating it with a garden paint, such as Cuprinol garden shades or at minimum varnish the edges as otherwise the plywood will delaminate. DO NOT treat plywood with oil as this can contaminate the water.

Materials Required To Build Four Mink Rafts

It is more economical to make four rafts at once since you will get four base sheets out of one large polystyrene board. We have therefore provided a list of materials to make four mink rafts. Most of these can be purchased from hardware shops or building supplies merchants. We estimate an approximate cost of £150-200 to build four rafts.

Mink raft

2x 2440mm x 1220mm x 6mm Stokbord black
1x 2440mm x 1220mm x 9mm Stokbord black (will make 16 tunnel tops, alternative such as plywood can be used)
1x 50mm expanded polystyrene insulation boards 2400mm x 1200mm x50mm sheets
8x BZP eye bolts nuts & washers 152mm x 6mm
16x M6 x 70mm BZP roofing bolts & nuts (Screwfix or CPC), other suppliers might only do 80mm which is fine but they will need cutting down once fitted.
2x 3.6m x 22 x 200 sawn imported softwood red/whitewood FSC (with spare for one raft)
Spax 4CUT or Screwfix Turbo Ultra screws 4x40mm pk200 (or equivalent) if you can get a pk100 do that as only 32 needed
Spax 4CUT or Screwfix Turbo Ultra screws 4x25mm pk200 (or equivalent) if you can get a pk100 do that as only 64 needed
16x Corner brackets 1½” x 1½”
3x M6 large flat washers pk10 (24 needed)
4x 1m length of 12mm doweling
*Plastic barrier mesh or equivalent, usually comes in a roll of 100cm width (cut to size)
*Staples for staple gun (hand stapler works just as well)
*optional but recommended

Tracking pad

4x 25cm handy basket (can be tricky to source, try school supplies shops. I purchase from Ebay in bulk, search for “Whitefurze 25cm handy basket”. There are some shallow versions (6.5cm) of the 25cm baskets on the market so be careful, you want 25cm x 8cm x 16cm)
4x Oasis florist foam, 25cm brick (local florists or Amazon)
School clay, comes in 12.5kg block, 650g per raft (local supplier or
Kiln dried sand, comes in 25kg bag, 350g per raft


4x Machine turned round pointed posts 1.50m x 50mm p/treated HC4 green FSC
4x 6” nails
12 meter of 6mm diameter polypropylene rope, 3m per raft