Why do I need to report a sighting?

Reporting a mink sighting is very helpful to us, the location of a sighting can be passed onto any local volunteer in that area warning them of the threat and possibly a faster capture. It can also give us an idea of the mink population and potential future areas that mink might move into.

One of our co-ordinators may need to contact you in relation to the report, your details are NOT passed on to any third party or used for any other purpose.

*Your Name
*Phone Number
*Email Address
*Date of Sighting
Number of Mink Seen

Please click on the following website link Grid Reference Finder to get the X,Y coordinates or Lat/Long for the location you saw the mink. You can give a detailed description of the location in your message if that is easier, such as town and road name.

X (Easting) or Latitude

Y (Northing) or Longitude

Your Message (any extra information and rough location if unsure of the catchment)

If you have any pictures, Mink/Water Vole or any other wildlife. We'd love to see them!
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